As a member of the C-Suite, you know the feeling…

c-suite-family-coaching-executive-coach1 if only you could work harder, do more, force change, then life would be better, different, happier, more complete. Perhaps then the guilt you feel being away from the family would go away, or the pressure building inside you might be less.

Behind the dream is the reality that you know – really know – that however big the triumph, however many accolades of shareholders and peers, there will always be the shame around not maintaining a better work/life balance. Your partner wants you at home more, your children miss you, and you wish there was less stress all around.


C-Suite Partners

As a C-Suite partner, there is the recurring feeling of abandonment, the frustration of missed dinners and broken promises, the loneliness of making all the decisions on your own, and of having to explain yet again to the children just why there is an empty place at the table. With the tension and solitude comes an erosion of trust as yet another hope is sacrificed at the altar of work in a world where the office is a higher priority than home, family and love.


The Children

For the children, the world is a mystery of uncertainty and conflict where each child senses tension but doesn’t understand the cause. All too often, the children assume it must be their fault. From time to time, the parents unite and then a previously stable single parent world is filled with confusion. Trust is hard to build when so often the longed-for trip is canceled, the family meal is filled with anger or simply doesn’t happen.

Each child deals with the instinctive wish to feel the love of family in a different way: One child may withdraw in the hope of pulling in the absentee parent, while an older sibling might act out with drugs, sex or alcohol. The children may abandon the family of origin by staying for long periods of time with friends, or by finding a replacement family in the neighborhood. All this is an effort to get the attention they crave.


Things could be so different…

We have spent 30 years navigating the challenges of being a C-Suite family. During this demanding and humbling journey we have discovered much about ourselves and developed the patience, mindset and tools necessary to successfully navigate marriage, family, ambition and contribution. We have, at times, even found a bit of grace and certainly a great deal of joy.

We combine our experience and talents to offer you a unique partnership. As a CEO, couples workshop leader and loving husband, James brings the gift of seeing the inner workings of both your business and your internal self. Adept at managing the cut-throat, high-pressure landscapes at work, and possessing the courage required to face vulnerabilities both at work and at home, James engages with the whole person and environment. He motivates leaders to excel and also to build personal relationships. James provides valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate internal and external conflicts with ease and compassion.

Renée brings her wisdom to coaching C-Suite partners and families in a different way. No matter your situation–with extended family nearby or not, with children present or not–Renée offers deep listening and a broad range of tools and exercises guaranteed to create greater awareness and values-based action.  Renée intimately knows both the struggles and joys related to bringing and keeping the family together under pressure. She helps you create a unique, flexible structure that will sustain and support you and your loved ones.

We are here to listen, empathize and share lessons learned so that you don’t have to make all the mistakes on your own, without support, but instead can integrate work, intimacy, family and love.

What we offer is quite different from anything else out there. We are not therapists, although we’ve both seen therapists separately and together. We create a customized plan for your business, relationship, and family, so that you can have a sense of where you are going. We support you with ideas, humor, experience and knowledge. We save you time and frustration by supporting you as you create a strong foundation for a happy family and life.

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